Climate Change

Climate change is making the Earth a warmer and weirder place, forcing researchers, companies and governments to understand, confront and adapt to rising dangers.

Climate Change

We need economic relief now. Climate policy can come later.

An eventual coronavirus recovery package should include clean-energy funding and supportive policies, but first we need to make sure people can obtain health care, buy food, and remain in their homes.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks at the Javits Convention Center, which is being converted into a hospital to treat coronavirus patients.
Climate Change

Why the coronavirus outbreak is terrible news for climate change

It’ll sap funding and political will—but actually, it should.

A tiny planet.
Climate Change

BP has announced a “net zero” emissions plan

But can the oil and gas sector really go carbon free?

A BP road tanker refueling.
Climate Change

Why Democrats shouldn’t reject the GOP’s climate “innovation agenda”

But they do need to keep pushing for far faster and bolder policies, too.

Republicans are applying a Band-Aid on the problem of climate change.

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