Humans and Technology

A look at how technologies from AR/VR, brain-computer interfaces, and chip implants to health trackers, biometrics and social media are changing the most basic aspects of human life—work, friendship, love, aging, sickness, parenting, learning, and building community.

Humans and Technology

Can low-cost, open-source ventilator designs help save lives?

An MIT team is racing to publish designs it hopes could help as the escalating pandemic strains supplies of the machines.

A person is taken into the United Memorial Medical Center in Houston after undergoing COVID-19 testing earlier this month.
Humans and Technology

This is how you can co-watch during a coronavirus lockdown

“Co-watching” is how we’ll be socializing for the next few weeks at least.

woman cowatch netflix party coronavirus quarantine eating pizza discord metastream zoom facetime
Humans and Technology

The coronavirus pandemic is a game changer for mental health care

Regulatory changes and anxiety heightened by isolation are leading to a boom in use of mental health apps and teletherapy—but are they good enough?

coronavirus mental health hand reaching out phone screen into blue background app teletherapy talkspace headspace meditation hipaa abletotorous
Humans and Technology

A new app would say if you’ve crossed paths with someone who is infected

Private Kit: Safe Paths shares information about your movements in a privacy-preserving way—and could let health officials tackle coronavirus hot spots.

People crossing a street.
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