Humans and Technology

A look at how technologies from AR/VR, brain-computer interfaces, and chip implants to health trackers, biometrics and social media are changing the most basic aspects of human life—work, friendship, love, aging, sickness, parenting, learning, and building community.

Humans and Technology

How Instagram is making jigsaw puzzles cool again

Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are suddenly full of people earnestly completing jigsaw puzzles. What’s going on?

image of hand placing gradient puzzle piece instagram colors
Humans and Technology

The man who changed disruption—and saw his own theories get disrupted

What I learned from Clayton Christensen, the author of The Innovator’s Dilemma.

Clayton Christensen
Humans and Technology

Why private micro-networks could be the future of how we connect

Forget amassing likes or cultivating your online persona. Apps like Cocoon are all about being your true self with just a select few people.

Cocoon families
Humans and Technology

The Human Screenome Project will capture everything we do on our phones

It proposes taking screenshots of your smartphone activity every five seconds to better understand our digital lives. Is it worth it?

screenshots of device activity
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