Humanity is pushing further outside of our atmosphere. We take a look at the space tech coming out of places like NASA, SpaceX, and Blue Origin that is powering the space exploration of tomorrow.


This company wants to deal with space junk by… sending more stuff into space

Canadian company NorthStar wants to track space debris with a constellation of 40 satellites. It’s not the craziest idea.

Illustration of earth surrounded by small objects

A space elevator is possible with today’s technology, researchers say (we just need to dangle it off the moon)

Space elevators would dramatically reduce the cost of reaching space but have never been technologically feasible. Until now.

Photo-illustration of space elevator

Water vapor has been spotted on a “habitable zone” planet 110 light-years away

It’s the first time scientists have made this discovery for a planet whose distance from its star means it could theoretically have liquid water on its surface.

concept art for K2-18b

Satellite crashes will plague us unless we manage space traffic better

The recent near-miss between SpaceX and ESA highlights the weaknesses in our current system for keeping Earth’s orbit safe.

Conceptual illustration of space traffic
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