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How technology advances are changing the economy and providing new opportunities in many industries.

Business Impact

The future of Mars exploration may rest on a glider

After Opportunity, now what? An unpowered inflatable craft using thermal updrafts to stay aloft could cost-effectively map less-documented parts of the planet’s surface to help plan lander missions.

Business Impact

A “second skin” for fruit and veg could make them last twice as long

We throw away a third of all our fruit and vegetables. California-based firm Apeel wants to change that with a natural coating that keeps produce fresher for longer.

Business Impact

It’s official. NASA has finally called the end of the Opportunity Mars rover mission.

NASA has ended its attempts to communicate with the robot, which has been on Mars for 15 years.

Intelligent Machines

This is why AI has yet to reshape most businesses

For many companies, deploying AI is slower and more expensive than it might seem.

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